Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Announcement: The Beginning Of Time

Steak And Khan has announced and released his newest campaign, set in during the beginning of time, this campaign features a whopping eleven scenarios with a special secret one at the end. These scenarios are actually old ones back from 2006 which were recently found and improved for AoMH. Now this campaign features tribe battles where every tribe(Which worships their own god.) battle each other for superiority. As the campaign progresses, so the does the world around you meaning it will look even better after every scenario! You can get this oldie for yourself now, there is a link in the thread.

The Announcement Thread: Link

Announcement: Arkantos Way

The downloads section once again features a new scenario designer, ondrus 1996. His first attempt with AoM is arkantos way, a small scenario with a simple objective: destroy the enemy. You take control of arkantos who has waged war on a clone of his which is actually a shapeshifting creature in disguise. Both teams have six tents which militia periodically come from. You must gather up an army to destroy the enemy base but at the same time defend your own from certain destruction. You can play this scenario now, just follow the link below.

The Download File: Link

Monday, August 4, 2008



Saturday, August 2, 2008

Interview: Banoffee

Yeah, it's been a while since AoEI's had an interview, but this time I hope it returns with a bang, this week's member is Banoffee, the famed scenario designer and newbie modder on AoMH. Read on to see him in his candid form.

1. welcome Banoffee, so I guess I'll start off your interview by asking your history here at AoMH, how did you first start out?

Well, Age of Mythology was the first proper PC game I ever owned. Before I purchased I was a big fan of Greek Mythology, thats what lead me to doing so. I found AoMH whilst looking for info about the game, here was where I first found out how to get into the editor. After awhile I found the forums. I was very new to online forums back then. I became your regular forum noob, thinking that everyone instantly knew who I was and asking some really nooby things.

2. So when/why did you start designing scenarios and also what was the first one like? Did you think it was good?

Well, I can distinctly remember the first time my brother and I discovered the editor, we went around placing random units everywhere, seeing what everything did etc. But the first thing I made was a very simple Theseus and the Labyrinth map. I wish I still had it, I rember how I loved playing it. The simplicity of it was what made it fun. I then attmpted making an Odysey scenario, needless to say I didn't get very far...

3. So now you have gotten into modding, something I hope to do very soon as well, how has this changed your activity at AoMH and more importantly, why?

Hmm, I can't really remember how I got into modding, but I didn't start out as good as I am now. Owing to the fact that I'm a much better texture artist then scenario designer (although I consider myself quite profficiant at cinematics) I think I have gained much more respect in the community. 'm kept quite active by my Texture Request Thread, but texturing is something I enjoy doing. Cinematic modes being my favorite.

4. Well you continue to scenario designer, correct? What is your future or current scenario project in development?

Yes I do still scenario design, although modding is my forte. I am currently working on a cinematic movie based on David Gemmal's novel 'Troy: Shield of Thunder', it contains high quality texture mods aswell. I also enter the CSC once in awhile, I have had a second and third place so far, I'm hoping my current entry will do well too.

5. Besides living a life of AoM, what else do you do? Any other games, or is it strictly AoM?

I also play Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War which is a great game. In real life I'm a competitive gymnast, a violinist, a green belt in judo, a member of the District Youth Council and a loving owner of three samoyed dogs. Oh and don't forget Banoffee Pie fanatic.

6. I think it's time this interview comes to an end, would you like to say anything else to the readers of this interview?

If you have a request for me, post it in my request thread. OK, now I'm ready to become Member of the Month....

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Beginning Of Something Grand...

You may have noticed that I have been posting mysterious screenshots lately. Of course these aren't just any screenshots. I am now on the verge of announcing a project I have been doing for quite a while now(Almost half a year.). Though I will not say the name or give any other information out yet, this campaign is planned to be very big. The screenshots taken are actually direct from the maps of my campaign. For a short while expect new images to pop up of this exciting new project which I can assure you will be something you have never seen before.

The Announcement Thread: Link

Age Of Heroes II RELEASED!

Nearly minutes after the announcement of Dope's sequel to his first campaign, the scenario was made available on the downloads section. If you missed the last post his newest project is said to be be completely different than the original. Dope's RPG has you playing as Odysseus as he manages to live in a new town. You earn experience from performing the twenty quests,while at the same time you will have jobs and different pay depending on the type of job. the world also changes after you complete missions as well to make it feel more alive. You can now download it and play, it is in vanilla as well, so make sure to try it out even if you don't have the expansion.

The Download File: Link

Announcement: Lord Grondop of the Evil Dwarve army

JDmino first cinematic is now in production. Roughly 10 minutes long, it features an evil dwarf named Grondop who descents into evil. Though there isn't much information about it, the cinematic features a volcano obviously. There is a possibility of an update before it is released, but that's pretty much all the information given for now.

The Announcement Thread: Link